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We will be operating with a reduced workforce in the office.

- Repairs, Installations and Surveys will be carried out professionally and in accordance with Covid-19 Safety Guidelines.

- Our showroom is Open by Appointment Only - this is to allow control of numbers and social distancing. Face masks will be mandatory.

Our Office has been arranged to ensure good social distancing practices can be maintained for our staff.

All staff will follow Government guidelines for Social Distancing between each other and customers. Hand Sanitiser and Anti-Bacterial wipes have been made available to everybody within the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the many years we have been supplying, installing and repairing garage doors, we get asked a lot of questions; some of them on repeat.

We get asked questions all the time and are more than happy to answer them. Some questions are asked quite commonly by our clients and so, for your convenience, we have listed them below! If you don't see your question in the list, please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need.

"My existing garage door has cables that are tangled up on one side, can this be repaired or do I need a new garage door?"

A: Most garage doors use cables and springs to assist in the way they operate. Invariably a jumped cable is a very simple repair and can be done in a matter of minutes. If the cable needs replacing we carry all major manufacturers' cables in stock and can replace them for you there and then. Just call us to arrange a free survey and quotation.

"I have an existing double Up & Over garage door and I would like it to be electrically operated, can I buy just the electric operator or do I need to replace the whole door?"

A: Most double Up & Over garage doors and many single size doors are fitted with 'retractable gear' - these can easily be electrically automated for as little as £420 including fitting and VAT. Nearly all roller garage doors and sectional doors can be electrically automated too. In some cases the existing garage door may have a mechanism that makes it difficult to automate and we may recommend replacing or upgrading the gear but we can determine the proper course of action during a free, no obligation survey, just call to discuss your requirements.

"My garage door was recently damaged during a break in and I would like extra security, can you offer any additional locking?"

A: Absolutely; new garage doors these days have a minimum of 2 point locking and we can offer a number of additional security devices to make your door more secure than ever. From simple padlockable slide bolts and hasp & staples to very robust Garage Door deadlocks and Garage Door Defenders which bolt down in front of the door and present a clear and heavy duty obstacle. We can offer the right security at the right price, please telephone us to arrange a free site survey where we can recommend the best locking for your particular garage door.

"I have a new car and it seems to be wider than my last car and is difficult to put the car away in the garage, is there any way of making the garage wider?"

A: Yes, we can often offer an increased drive through width by over 6 inches (150mm) when replacing older garage doors. We can remove the old door and frame and fit a new door and frame behind the opening reveals providing for a wider drive through width. Alternatively, sectional and roller garage doors can also provide a wider opening. Please call us to discuss your requirements or arrange a free survey.

"Will my new garage door require regular maintenance?"

A: No and Yes - Most garage doors are offered in a fully finished option where the door panel does not need regular maintenance for a number of years other than keeping it clean. However, all garage doors will need some form or maintenance to the gear to make sure the door is operating safely and smoothly. We offer an annual service for a nominal fee whereby we inspect the garage door and the running gear and carry out any routine maintenance for you.

"If I buy a new garage door, will you dispose of my current doors?"

A: Yes, as part of our quotation we would allow to remove and dispose of most waste materials. We hold a full Environmental Agency Waster Carriers License and we endeavour, wherever possible, to recycle as much waste material as possible, please view our Environmental Policy here.

"If I ordered a new garage door how long would it take for the job to be completed?"

A: Most garage doors are available within 2 - 3 weeks from the manufacturers, although this can be extended during busy periods. We carry a number of the most common garage door sizes in stock and can often install a simple replacement door within a week if needed.

"I have two single doors with a centre brick pier and I would like this all removed and a large double door to be installed, can you help? "

A: Yes, we have done this type of work many times. We can put forward a local builder who can remove brick piers and fit large supporting lintels and then we can install large double garage door to suit. Please call us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a survey.

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