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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Automatic Garage Door for Your Home


There are a variety of garage door models to choose from making the decision on what door best suits your home a difficult decision. With options including the material used, the design and colour and the functionality; choosing a new door can be a rather daunting decision.

Automatic garage door

The functionality part typically focuses on if your door is manual or automatic. When a door is manual, it requires you to step out of your vehicle and open the door manually, even in poor weather conditions. Automatic garage doors allow you to stay in the comfort of your vehicle and simply press a button to gain access to your property.

Almost every type of garage door is available with an automation system and is suitable for all properties, both domestic and commercial. No matter the door model, an automatic garage door boasts many benefits and in this article, we will cover 3 reasons why you should purchase one.

Quick and Easy Garage Access

One of the main reasons most homeowners purchase an automatic garage door is that they are highly convenient and offer quick, easy access to the garage. This is usually underestimated as most garage doors are fitted during the summer season where the weather is more pleasant and sunny (most of the time). Often, homeowners leave the garage open while they use their garage during this season.

When it comes to the winter, spring and autumn seasons, temperatures drop and the sky opens up from time to time with rain, snow and hail. It is during these times where you realise the benefits to automatic garage doors. You get to avoid stepping out into the appalling weather outside while also keeping your garage locked up tight.

Highly Secure

All garage door systems we supply are made to be secure and durable. This ensures they last a very long time (depending on treatment and ongoing maintenance) while also ensuring your property is kept secure. During the warm parts of the year, homeowners leave their garage door open while they use the garage. Some homeowners leave the garage door open while they quickly head to the local shops because they don’t want to close and then re-open the door.

This comes at a massive risk to both your possessions and family. A thief or armed robber will be able to enter your property, take what they want and leave before you return. An automatic garage door enables you to easily close the door as and when you need to leave and open it again on your return. Manual garage doors require locking in place as well which can still give burglars a chance of breaking into the building.

Adding Value

You might not be planning on listing your home on the market, but who knows what the future might hold and what you will end up planning for your family. If you were to list your house on the market, your garage door can add or decrease the value of your property. If you have an automatic garage door, you can expect a significant increase in value. If you still have a manual garage door, you might find that your house will be devalued, dropping the money you can get from it.

Some home buyers might also ask for the price to be lowed and give lower offers due to the fact they will be looking to buy and install a new garage door. Automatic garage doors boast a broad range of benefits and will improve the value of your home so there is no reason not to have one!

Looking for Your Own Automatic Garage Door?

We employ specialist garage door installers that have years of experience in the industry. This means they know what makes the perfect garage door and will use our appalling site survey to provide a no obligation quotation. If you are looking for an automatic garage door installation for your home, contact us today and speak with a professional.

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