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Choosing the Right Garage Door or Shutter


No matter if you are a commercial business looking for a secure roller shutter or a homeowner looking for a sectional garage door; there are a variety of models, designs and colours to choose from.

Garage door

The process of choosing the right garage door for your property can be a long and difficult one without help from experts. Professional garage door fitters will be able to go through your requirements, analyse the space available and provide helpful advice so you find the right door for you.

A garage for any homeowner is not only seen as a place you can store your car or bike, it is seen as an extension to the property. Some garages are used as home gyms and others are used for storage or workspaces; all of them should be secure behind a stunning, yet suitable garage door.

Commercial businesses will require a secure, durable door that is quick and easy to use for access to the premises. From allowing a truck to resupply a store to general lorry loading and unloading; there are a range of stunning shutters and doors that are perfect.

The Available Space

The first step on choosing the right garage door is finding out how much space you have available. If you don’t have much space available, it might require a roller shutter to be installed due to there being no kickout at the top or bottom of the door. However, if you have more space, you can opt for a sectional garage door or even a traditional up and over door.

There are multiple factors that can alter the amount of space you have available at any point in time. If you have a smaller drive that can barely hold a single vehicle, you might have to park quite close to the garage door, limiting the available space. This is the same if you are to park a vehicle inside your garage. If there is not enough space, you might find that the vehicle is parked quite close to the door. Either of these two will stop you from being able to use certain types of garage doors.

Some doors have parts of the door that kick out. If someone is too close when the door is opened, it can hit that object, causing damage to both the door and the object it hit. Up and over doors are an example of a door that both kicks out at the bottom and pulls quite far in at the top. Depending on how you aim to use your garage and the space that will be left over, you might be limited on what door would best suit your property. Unsure on the space you have? Our engineers will survey and check your garage during our free site visit.

Personal Preference

There are a variety of specifications that must be considered when choosing a new garage door, but what is your personal preference? Is there a specific model of door that you prefer or have a favoured design for? A garage door is a part of your home and the design should be picked by you. There might be some technical limitations depending on space, but if you have any personal preferences or ideas, it should be put into consideration.

With such a large variety in garage doors or roller shutters; there is always something that suits each property. No matter the requirements, a garage door can be made to suit your property. When dealing with a garage door company, you should make sure your preferences in garage door models is known so they tailor the installation around you.

Are you a homeowner that prefers a roller shutter door instead of a traditional up and over door or a commercial business that prefers sectional garage doors over a roller shutter? Your door should meet your requirements and preferences, unless if the available space or specifications limit your choices.

Require a new garage door installation?

Get in contact with the specialists here at 1st Choice Garage Doors to go through your requirements with friendly and professional garage door fitters. We will go through all necessary checks needed and speak with you to find what door would best suit your home or commercial business.

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