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Why you Should Steer Clear of Cheap Garage Doors


Cheap garage doors are a potential risk in a variety of ways for homeowners and commercial businesses. People that are looking for a ‘cheap deal’ often fall victim of a tempting cheap garage door that in the end, costs them more than paying for a professional installation from a trained installer.

Why you should steer clear of cheap garage doors

Some businesses out there will claim that they are professionals and will offer a deal that can feel ‘too good to be true’. Those suspicions should be taken seriously as that deal is most likely too good to be true! A garage door that has a small price tag often is made from poor quality materials and is likely to break soon after the installation.

When you see a large SALE sign on a product you are looking for, you often investigate and purchase the product as the sale makes you more inclined to. This happens with garage doors as well, but unlike what it is in a store, a cheap garage door comes with a massive hidden price tag.

The Problems of a Cheap Garage Door

There are many problems that come with purchasing a cheap garage door, even worse when it is installed by inexperienced installers. Below you will find some of the many problems that come with purchasing a cheap garage door:

Cheap Production Value

Cheap garage doors are made with low quality materials, reducing its expected lifespan to approximately 2 years. With this kind of lifespan, it is much cheaper and more cost effective to pay for a professional installation and a quality door.

Weak, Low Quality Components

The components of a garage door are supposed to be made to withstand every day wear and tear. A cheap garage door will have hinges, cables, rollers and many other components that are not designed for constant use which will eventually cause them to break; damaging the door and stopping it from operating how it should. This will then require time, money and effort to replace each part as they break.

Easily Damaged

If you don’t have a large back garden and instead of a bigger front garden that kids play around in, they might hit the garage door by accident. This will either be through playing with a football or they simply might fall into it. A cheap garage door will dent easily making the entrance to your home look unappealing, but it will also create a massive security risk.

Increased Heating Bills

Insulated garage doors are great for properties that have heating in their garage. Cheap garage doors come with no insulation which allows all heat to leave the property, in turn requiring your heating to work harder to keep your property warm. This will require you to use more energy and will even add to heating bills; adding to the running costs of a cheap garage door

Noisy & Insecure

A garage door should be able to operate almost silently or with at least very little noise. This is achieved through the high-quality materials and components used. However, a cheap garage door does not have this benefit. You will have to deal with a lot of noise which can affect your indoor leisure and lifestyle activities. If you needed to access your garage in the early hours of the morning or late at night, you will not only disrupt those that are inside your house; you’ll disturb your neighbours too!

One of the big problems of a cheap garage door is that they are insecure. They are made from low quality materials and thieves will notice this. They will be more likely to attempt to enter your property if they notice a low-quality garage door and are highly likely to succeed due to the low-quality components.

No Warranty, Care Plan or Maintenance Service Plan

Different garage door businesses offer different warranty’s, care plans and maintenance service plans to show that their products are of high quality. If any business offers a garage door for a cheap price with no warranty or maintenance package, your alarm bells should be ringing. This means they will sell you the door, provide a poor installation and leave you with what you paid for. When the garage door breaks or shows faults, you will have no one to turn to.

Drop in Resale Value

Some people find this to be a major problem while others might not be affected as much. If you are looking or feel like you will be leaving your current home to move elsewhere, you will want to get as much as you can for your current accommodation. A cheap garage door can destroy all plans on getting much, if anything for your home simply due to the poor quality and security risks it brings.

To get the most out of selling your home, you will want to ensure the right door is installed from a professional company that will also offer a maintenance package or care plan. This ensures your garage door will last and is of a high quality, giving you more when you do go to market with your home!

Saves You Money in the Long Run

A cheap garage door has many problems as we have already discussed in the list above, but there is a common theme throughout them all. After the garage door has been installed, you often will be spending more money on heating bills, replacement parts and repairs. This will become a regular thing and over time will make a cheap garage door work out to be more expensive than simply purchasing a more expensive model from a reputable company like us.

Save yourself the stress and save money by avoiding deals that seem ‘too good to be true’. Doing business with professional garage door installers that utilise years of experience will ensure you get a high-quality product and service.

Speak with a Specialist Garage Door Installer

If you are a homeowner looking for a new garage door installation, contact us and speak with a specialist. All our garage doors are insulated and are made from high quality materials ensuring you only receive a quality solution.

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