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Turning Your Garage into a Gym


A garage does not always have to be used for vehicle storage. It can be converted into anything you can think of. With the right plan in place, you can convert your garage into anything you desire. From a gym or a workshop to an additional bedroom or gaming area.

Garage gym

A lot of families use their garage as a vehicle storage to keep bikes and other possessions away from potential threats. Cars are also stored in garages for homeowners that wish to keep them safe and out of the elements. However, there are some families out there that don’t need their garage for either of these reasons; creating an empty, unused room.

An empty room for any house is in opportunity in waiting. You can use this space for something you have always wanted or needed. Like to play pool, but don’t want to keep paying for it at the local pub? Convert your garage into your own space for friends and family to play together. Don’t have a local gym? Convert your garage into your own!

There are so many ways to better utilise your garage if it is unused and a home gym is always ideal. A home gym stops you needing to pay a monthly subscription for a gym and saves the unnecessary travel complications.

Beginning with The Design

You will need to think about the space available and what it is you are looking to achieve with your home gym. Looking to gain muscle and don’t which to focus on fat loss? You will need space for weights and weight benches. Looking more for a cardio workout? You will likely want enough space for treadmills, exercise bikes or cross-trainers. If you are looking to do both then you will need to make sure you have the space to accommodate for all the pieces of equipment.

A gym is something that will likely be used all year round so extra insulation will be required; especially during the freezing cold winter months! This and additional headspace might be required if the ceiling is quite low. This is to allow for all the machinery to fit in the garage correctly and for you to be able to operate them.

The home gym will also need to be easy to clean and be secure behind a garage door when no one is in the building. Taking this all into consideration, think of a budget and you can then begin planning the design of your new indoor gym.

The Initial Challenges

The challenges when creating an indoor gym become apparent very early on. When trying to line everything within the budget, it is very hard to see how the gym will turn out, especially with the cost of the equipment. Setting the correct budget that is affordable and a goal that is reachable is how to get past this.

You do not have to get everything straight away either! You are always able to progressively expand the gym with new or improved equipment over the course of a few months. If you find something that is achievable, you can then look at the specifics of the conversion such as heating, headroom and the security of your indoor gym.

Heating Your Indoor Gym All Year Round

Even if the walls are insulated, that does not mean your garage door is. No matter how many heaters you buy, if your garage door is not insulated, that heat will keep escaping outside. This can become a very costly mistake.

The easy way to ensure your indoor gym is kept warm all year round is to purchase an insulated garage door for your home. These work with your insulated walls to keep the heat in and the cold out, ensuring your new indoor gym is kept warm during the cold months of winter. Letting heat out of the garage means your heaters must work harder to keep it warm, costing you more in the long run.

Once your garage is fully insulated, all you need is a few heaters to keep it warm. However, this is only the first part of creating the perfect home gym. Next is the headroom and security of your gym.

Creating Space and Improving Security

Depending on the garage door installation, you might not have much headroom. Traditional up and over doors run a long a track that is usually installed on the ceiling of your garage. This reduces head room and can cause problems when using certain pieces of equipment. A roller shutter or an overlap sectional garage door removes this track, freeing up some head space.

A new garage door, that is insulated, will boost security as well. If you have an old garage door that hasn't been updated or checked in years, it might be worth getting a new garage door installation anyway; just for the bonus security! All garage doors we install are automated as well, giving you quick and easy access to your property while also keeping your possessions safe.

Improved Storage Space

A gym always requires space for storing accessories and pieces of equipment like dumbbells. These can be added in a variety of ways using the floor, wall and even ceiling space available. By adding shelves or storage bins, you can quickly add areas for storage. Wall hooks and ceiling racks are also great additions for any home gym as they are highly efficient storage methods.

When adding overhead racks, caution should always be used as these could reduce the amount of head space you have. If you were to convert your garage into something other than a gym, more overheads storage could be added. The amount of storage space required depends on the size of the garage and the amount of equipment you require. Take this into consideration during the planning of your home gym.

Comfortable, Yet Resilient Flooring

Imagine walking into a gym that didn't have a floor covering in place. Just a cold, solid concrete floor. This is not ideal for any home gym as it makes stepping onto the floor uncomfortable and is likely to make the gym feel cold. The type of flooring used is down to you. From a simple carpet to a coating that is applied over the concrete floor; it is your choice.

Choosing the right flooring for you is what will enable you to create a comfortable environment to work out in without the worry of stepping on a cold concrete floor. We would only suggest choosing a floor covering that is resilient and is easily cleanable. This allows you to quickly and easily clean up the room after use and ensures that the flooring will sustain a moderate amount of foot traffic on a semi-regular basis.

Looking to Convert Your Garage into Something New?

We here at 1st Choice Garage Doors offer a wide range of garage doors that are automated and fully insulated to keep your home gym warm during the winter and secure for when you are not home. Simply contact us today and speak to our garage door fitters that are on hand to go through your requirements.

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