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How to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door


A garage door will only last so long before it will require replacement or repairs. High quality garage doors usually have years of life in them, but this can be extended to give your garage door an even longer life.

How to extend the life of your garage door

Extending the life of your garage is the same as you would try to extend the life of your house plants. Provide them with enough sunlight and water and your plants can live for much longer than you would expect. Garage doors work in the same way. If you take care of them, they will have their expected lifetime extended.

Many homeowners are guilty of leaving their garage door alone until there is a problem before they   end up doing something about it. Leaving your garage door without doing regular checks and cleaning will end up causing you to deal with sometimes expensive repairs or replacements.

The tips we are about to go through will enable you to extend the lifetime of your door while also saving you money, time and stress.

All Parts Lubricated, All Year Round

A garage door isn’t just made from a bunch of panels strapped together. There are many parts that form a garage door and even more parts that allow it to function efficiently. All parts work constantly to keep the door in operation and if any of these parts were to break or start becoming faulty, it could lead to your door becoming damaged or unresponsive.

Ensuring all springs, rollers and hinges are lubricated on a regular basis throughout the year will keep them operating effectively. Many people would suggest or have a WD-40 spray that they use for this. This is still a good option, but there are more efficient options that boast stronger protection and last longer. These are in the form of heavy duty silicone sprays which you can find at most hardware stores.

Keep Your Door Clean!

Nobody likes a dirty garage door. It is unappealing to look at, but worse, the dirt can cause damage to the door overtime. Simply giving your garage door a scrub, even if it is just once per year, will keep your garage door looking its best while also ensuring it stays functional. All it requires is some normal soap, a sponge and fresh water; nothing special is required.

We advise you don’t use any heavy detergents or anything that contains bleach as it will have a direct effect on a variety of parts used in the operation of your garage door. From the springs and hinges to the rollers themselves; cleaning with bleach can affect the lubrication which if you read the first point we made in this article, is very important.

Monitor the Safety Sensors

Automatic garage doors come with a safety system to ensure that the door does not close on anything it shouldn't. This is done through safety sensors and it is a good idea to analyse these sensors to ensure they are in top working order. This is tested by closing the garage door and obstructing the beam. If the sensors are working correctly, the garage door will stop and immediately start reversing.

Another method of testing your garage door will be through stopping the door yourself while it is closing. Simply hold out your hands while the door is closing (please do not do this too close to the floor to avoid injury) and wait for the door to make contact with your hands. Apply some resistance and if the systems are running smoothly, the door will stop itself and go into reverse.

Balance is Key

The balance of a garage door is very important and can change as time goes on. The balance is what enables the door to be kept open without something holding it there. It is important to check the balance of your garage door on a regular basis as it could potentially cause damage to your possessions.

Imagine you have an up and over door and you have parked your car close to the garage door while it is open as you are moving something from your car to your home. You leave it for a second and by the time you come back, your garage door has closed and has smashed the back window of your car.

The balance of your garage door is what stops this from happening. All it requires is for you to simply pull on the emergency cord to shut down the garage door opener. Then, lift the garage door approximately 2 feet from the ground and step away. What happens next will determine if the balance of your garage door is wrong.

The garage door should stay open when you have opened it and the balance should hold it there. However, fi the balance is wrong, the door will begin to close itself. The pace at which the door closes varies depending on how wrong the balance is, so we do advise that you be very careful when carrying out this check. The garage door could slam shut when opened so please do be careful!

Prolonging the Life of Your Garage Door

Your garage door will last for years after its installation when you use us. However, why not make it last even longer by following all of the steps and checks we have listed in this article. From simply cleaning your garage door once a year to ensuring the safety systems and components of the door are in a good, working condition; this all works towards keeping you safe and away from avoidable costly repair or replacement bills.

To find out more about our garage door systems or find out more on how to make your garage door last longer, contact us today! The garage doors we install are all made from high quality materials and are designed around your property to give you a long-lasting solution.

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